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Rooms and Services Bed and Breakfast lake Garda

News 2020: our suites are regularly sanitized with ozone technology by the use of machinery that does the following:

Produces Ozone. Saturating the air, rendering viruses, bacteria, fungus, molds, spores and dust mites inactive.

Produces UV Rays. To prolong the effect of the Ozone.

Uses Carbon Filtration. To purify the air in the rooms.

Aromatizes the air by natural essence inside the machine.

Forgetting about your stressful daily routine will be easy. The very comfort of our rooms, curated in every detail, is to fully immerse you right away into a re-laxing atmosphere, perfect for your vacation.

Combined to basic services such as:

1. Independent Check-In Check-Out
Check-In (starting at 2 pm) and Check-Out (ending at 10 am) are completely independent thanks to our modern management system. You’ll receive all instructions and informations about your room at reservation completed.
2. Breakfast is on Us
Breakfast is on Us and you can enjoy it at Tiffany Caffè (only 300 meters away from us) by presenting our coupons that you’ll find in your room at your arrival (1 per guest per day)
3. Outside Parking
Outside Parking Lot partially video surveilled
4. Our complex is video surveilled
Our complex is video surveilled in the communal outside areas
5. Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Free;
6. Rooms equipped with
Kettle, Hair Drier and Linense.

you’ll have our luxury services, peculiar mark of ours, at your disposal.

Each room is equipped with a bed certified by ipoh to provide a relaxing and curative experience.

Ipoh is synonym of high quality materials and advance technology to guaranty a true and total relaxation in bed.

Our beds also are provided with a mechanism to allow a lift for your legs at night, for a better way of breathing during sleep.


All cosmetics and bathroom products are carefully selected, handmade in Italy and branded “HSH”. Our sensitivity pushed towards Bio and Vegan products to better suite our clientele and the dear environment we live in.


Our luxury amenities also include a little pool located within our property.

Special Services Upon Request

In addition to the our included services are the following ones upon request:

1. “Soggiorno Deluxe”
is a special option upon reservation for an actual suite room with independent kitchen.
2. Power Sleeping System
In reserving your room you can request this innovative sleeping system guarantied for releasing stress during your sleep and particularly effective for those who <b<suffer of insomnia
3. Dog Shelter
Dog Shelter for small dogs, upon agreement (10 €/day)
4. Private service of transportation
to Verona Airport and Train stations of Vero-na and Peschiera del Garda (if you stay with us for 4 days or more)
5. Bikes for Rental
Electric Bikes for Rental (30 €/day)

For those who look to add a Romantic Touch to their vacation:

  • Bollicine e Frutta
  • Bollicine, Frutta e Fiori