Our History

People say that grandpa Vittorio used to sew his clothes with a unique attention to details…and someone else even claims that his spirit lives a new life in our house…


My mother Franca, born and raised in a land ones inhabited by the Achei, infused into us the value of hospitality since we were little…
She told us that in ancient Greek culture the “Xenia” (perhaps because it was a camouflage used by the Gods) was deeply respected by both the hosting family and the arriving guest and how that respect translated into a life-long union between the two.


Traveling a lot for both work and pleasure then gave us the inspiration and the knowledge to create exactly the place we would love to find for a stay. Reflections of our values in Home Suites Home are in the features of every and each room, such as original art on the walls, the most comfortable beds and their exquisite details, not to mention the quietness of the suites and the total privacy of our check-in and check-out system.

Our History
Our History

Vanessa then, turned our idea of a special place into reality, by meticulously working with dimensions, materials and colors to express the luxury we want to offer to our guest. She also curated other important aspects such as natural fabric for bed sheets and hand-crafted bathroom products (NON TESTED ON ANIMALS) to create an environmentally friendly place for our guest……as Kant also supported that you know a man’s heart by the way he treats animals.

In our effigy is the memory of the house of her father “Canio”, a theater of hospitality and special care from another era. For decades in fact her grandfather Ettore, a pharmacist, used as a laboratory for his experiments with medicinal plants and herbs to understand their benefits and to produce medicaments.
Some of those medicinal plants live in our garden and inspired the names we gave to our suites.

This is the history that guided us towards creating a place that shows the love for details, comfort, luxury and the environment, all orchestrated in a connubial and unique style.