Power Sleeping System

Everyone of our bedrooms is equipped with the most efficient and up-to-date system to guaranty maximum comfort in bed.

IPOH is not only the provider of this amazing system. It’s a real dynamic partner that worked with us in every aspect.

Power Sleeping
Power Sleeping

100% Memory Foam Mattress

Washable, ergonomic and hypoallergenic this mattress adapts perfectly to your body’s posture, helping it reliving the stress from those critical spots.

This mattress guaranties the best body-mattress temperature control through the transpiration provided by its “open cell” structure.


Summarizing its best qualities:

1. 100% Memory Foam
2. 204 different areas of support for the body
3. Micro Massage
4. Transpiration through the “open cell” system

System with Multifunctional-Staves Sprung

A responsive sprung with wooden staves is the perfect solution for sleeping problems.

This support system is important as the mattress to create the perfect comfort this technology guaranties.


This technology is what ultimately makes the IPHOⓇ bed the ideal solution for resting and sleeping.


The following are the peculiarities of this system:

1. Solid Wooden Staves
2. Specificity of the Staves
3. Natural Prime Materials
4. Maximum Durability
Power Sleeping
Power Sleeping

IPOHClima Duvet

An additional step towards the perfect resting time is in the IPOH duvet, a cover engineered to provide thermo-regulation during sleep.

Here’s why this cover is not just an accessory:

1. Maintains Constant Temperature
2. Stuffed with Only Goose Feathers
3. IPOHClimaⓇ Technology
A patented air pockets system that allows the cover to catch and storage the body heat released during sleep
4. Deep and Restorative Sleep

IPOHPharmaⓇ "Power Sleeping" Mattres Cover

A new and revolutionary mattress cover.

The first and the only of its kind, it’s a medical device approved by the Ministero della Sanità (Ministry of Health). It’s a peculiar device that allows body energy restoration during sleep through the release of FIR waves.

1. Accelerates the Recovery Process
2. It’s a Medical Device Class 1, 1086827/R
3. 100% Made with Pure Egyptian Cotton
4. Thermo-Regulating Ability
Power Sleeping
Power Sleeping

Ergonomic Pillow

The perfect pillow is beyond the usual standards of dimensions and stiffness.

A pillow has to properly support the “archetto”—little arch— of the cervical area.

Our pillow works in synergy with the entire bed system to finally guaranty the perfect comfort during sleep.

1. 100% made of Memory Foam
2. Transpirant
3. Ergonomical
4. Very Comfortable

Stylized Bed Fixtures

A finishing touch to our bed system is th Luxury Home Concept handmade frames.

A detail meant to merge with the style of the room, it gives to every and each of our beds a peculiar design.